Konsultan SDM Indonesia/HR Consultant of Indonesia

Bahtera Jiwa Human Resources (HR) and Psychology Consultant - Konsultan SDM & Psikologi Jakarta Indonesia - Counsellor




BJ Consultant also have some products which support our main services. They are at the present consist of book & HRIS.

We provided some books in bahasa Indonesia whose written by our expert and published by some publishers, they are:

Hendrobaskoro, Bhayu Mahendra & Perdanayanti, Yoice Pauline. Menjadi Karyawan Yang Berhasil. Jakarta: Pustaka Merah Putih, 2008.

Hendrobaskoro, Bhayu Mahendra. Buku Saku Sukses Melamar Pekerjaan. Jakarta: Pustaka Merah Putih, 2010.

Perdanayanti, Yoice Pauline. Buku Saku Panduan Sukses Karier. Jakarta: Pustaka Merah Putih, 2010.

And beside them, we also provide Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in co-operation with our strategic business partners, Arto Solution. This HRIS named Manpower Information Provider (MIP). We will provide full information upon request only. For your initial screening purposes, we provide some screenshot below:



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